Boston Local Food Trade Show


IMG_0225 New friends at Tuesday’s event

There are times when I fear that the “local food movement” is just an abstraction, not much more than a set of ideals that don’t pan out in real life practice.

This week’s Boston Local Food Show went a long way towards putting some of my fears to rest. Sponsored by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts, the show welcomed more than 120 attendees representing New England farms, fisheries, restaurants, distributors and food system non-profits. The event made it clear that there are people out there who are deeply committed to supporting and diversifying local food systems and who are bringing food to families and schoolchildren, not just to high-end restaurants and urban foodies.

A view of the trading floor at Tuesday's Boston Local Food Trade Show A view of the trading floor

I met Kate Petcosky of New Entry Sustainable Farming and Sarah Bostick of Cultivating Community. These organizations support beginning, immigrant and refugee farmers  in the…

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