Conservation Law Foundation -Growing Green: Measuring Benefits, Overcoming Barriers, and Nurturing Opportunities for Urban Agriculture in Boston

CLF on Urban Farming in Bosotn
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How can you leverage the growing interest in urban agriculture to grow better food in Boston and New England while spurring economic development and supporting sustainability goals?

A new report by CLF and CLF Ventures addresses both of those questions.

CLF research shows that placing fifty acres of Boston’s urban land in agricultural production would:

  • Create between two and five direct, on-farm jobs per acre, or 130 – 220 total jobs;
  • Create additional jobs in agricultural service sector (equipment sales, composting and soil inputs, and food processing);
  • Sequester about 114 tons of CO2 in well-maintained soil per year;
  • Support the development of compost markets that statewide would yield an additional 4,700 tons of avoided CO2 emissions annually while helping Massachusetts achieve a 35% organic waste diversion goal; and
  • Generate approximately 1.5 million pounds of fresh produce for sale into local markets, providing local communities with a nearby source of healthy food.

Want to find out more about how these results are scalable in Boston and across New England? Download a copy of this free report today!

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