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I was very proud this fall when I finally got to use my Nani’s heavy, lacquered earthenware crock – the same one that she used to make the cherry brandy that my cousins and I would lick pooled from the bottoms of the tiny glasses that we collected from the adults after Christmas dinner. My plan was to make sauerkraut – a decidedly non-Italian specialty, albeit less time-intensive. I had purchased a few dense heads of red cabbage at the farmer’s market, and simply searched the internet, bi-passing detailed diatribes on the science behind it, to compare a few different recipes. Sure, I knew that sauerkraut was fermented, and had even made my own kimchi and fermented countertop pickles in the past, not to mention my other forays into harnessing “good” bacteria in yogurt- and cheese-making. My thinking behind trying these methods was of course tied into my efforts to…

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